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City  Price/Hour

  • Amsterdam  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Schiphol  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Amstelveen  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Aalsmeer  € 18- 220 - 250 / h

  • Hoofddorp  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Purmerend  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Zaandam  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Haarlem  € 180 - 220 - 250 / h

  • Nieuw-vennep  € 180 - 220 -250 / h

  • Den Haag  € 400 - 500 (2h)

  • Utrecht  € 400 - 500 (2h)

  • Rotterdam  € 400 - 500 (2h)

Top VIP girls in line chosen manually for you.

The girls get to their destination very quickly.

The presented prices include a taxi.

  • Included services:

  • Escort table date

  • Paid services:

  • Kissing

  • Role play

  • Striptease

  • In three

  • Erotic massage

  • In three

  • SM

Booking & Prices Escorts

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Do you have what it takes to be a VIP escort?
We would love to hear from bright, friendly, young and mature escort companions. If you are open-minded, professional and ambitious, Escort Vip Amsterdam could be a good fit for you.
All nationalities are welcome.
We pride ourselves on our reputation for the highest standards in customer service. The escorts on our website are known not only for their extraordinary beauty and ability, but also for their ability to provide excellent company, excellent conversation and listening skills and their ability to easily fit into a range. wide range of social situations.
We have worked hard to build a meaningful and loyal customer base that trusts us for our discretion and honesty. Therefore, all escorts must provide authentic photos and personal details. We treat everyone with respect and ask for the same in return, so a professional attitude is a necessity. We manage all applications with the utmost confidentiality.
All escorts are expected to take impeccable care of their appearance and understand how to dress appropriately for each type of date. Those offering call reservations should have a clean, private, tasteful and well-presented apartment.

Everyone needs to be aware that they are independent and responsible for setting and managing their own hours and fees. They also have complete control over the type and level of services they provide. It is important that escorts provide only services that they feel absolutely comfortable with, so make sure you understand exactly what you include in the services you provide when you apply. If you are unsure of any of the abbreviations or service descriptions, you can easily find explanations using Google.

Are you new to the business? Don't worry, we encourage new talent.

Remember to make sure that your prices reflect your level of experience and expertise. Please note that we will ask you to confirm that you are of legal age and that you have legal permission to work in the Netherlands. You will not be hired directly by VIP Escorts and you are free to sign up for other agencies.

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